Be The Change with GSSE

Integrated Learning

Be challenged in our integrated approach to learning to have an authentic understanding of yourself in relation to your community and the world. Grow into ethical leaders who can solve social injustice and improve well-being.

Progressive Community

Join a diverse and global community of faculty, staffs and students who are united in a common vision to create better societies. Connect with real practitioners and be part of our ecosystem for social impact.

CREATE Impact Now

Start creating impact from day 1 at GSSE. You will be immersed in an environment that always thinks about changing things for the better, be it in the classroom or beyond the classroom.

Integrated Learning


You need multifaceted thinking to understand the economic, political, socio-cultural, well-being, and other impacts involved in a problem to address social issues in our complex world today. Our curriculum is designed to provide you with challenges that will allow you to draw upon different perspectives, knowledge, and experiences to understand problems and explore solutions beyond a single discipline.

Learning Without Boundaries

At GSSE, you will learn through discussions, debates and reflections and prototyping concrete solutions to understand and tackle real social problems. During summers, you will be exposed to real-work settings and career opportunities through internships with different companies. Beyond our curriculum, you get to listen to stories of real challenges and ground-breaking innovations by local and international practitioners.


In a rapidly changing and interconnected world, you will gain critical skills to increase your competitive edge for employment mobility in the future global job market. Our classroom and non-classroom environments ensure learning that instills competencies, including critical thinking, leadership, communication, time management, teamwork ability, problem-solving, creativity, adaptability, and business skills.

The Power of Community


Tin Kungsawanich (Year 4)

High school: Satit Prasarnmit School, Thailand

E-mail :

Not knowing about something is scary and we all have experienced it at some point in life. Since our high school require us to choose major since 9 grade and then university to study for another 4 years.

GSSE is a unique place to learn and explore yourself with a no-wrong-answer culture. Extensive opportunities and supportive professors allow students to develop their careers that suits them.

Disregarding the unknown is dangerous to progress as there are always things that we don’t know to learn and improve, and something that we don’t even know that we don’t know.


Apitha Thanin (Year 2)

High school: Plearnpattana School, Thailand

Since I coming to the GSSE program, my life has changed a lot.

Everyone in this community are very supportive and inspiring. In high school, I always wanted to make an impact in the world, but I didn’t feel like I could do anything.

This place always tells me that I can do something, I can be the change, and it is totally fine to fail. This place shapes my goals and helps me reach them.


Suchat Niha (Year 2)

High school: Phichai Rattanakhan School, Thailand
E-mail :

Studying in Japan as an exchange student completely changed my world!

I realize that the world that we live in today is so big, and we have so much power to connect and create even when we sometimes feel so small.

There are a lot of exciting stories and journeys out there that are waiting for us to explore.

Here at GSSE, they don’t tell you who you will become. But they will ask you what you want to do and they will help you with everything to achieve your dreams.

We respect diversity and love sharing opinions. Every day at GSSE allows me to upgrade myself and follow my passion.

Create Impact Now

At GSSE, your education does not just stop at learning about global issues and problems. You will be expected to bear the responsibility of not only identifying needs but to proactively take action to address those needs. Rather than rely on rigid content to pass an exam, you will engage in thinking and solving real world problems.

You will be creating impact in the real world from day one.

However, not to worry, you are not alone in this journey of impact and social change. GSSE’s collective experience and expertise will guide, challenge, and support you along the way. Moreover, our social innovation platform, called “G-Lab”, our connection with Thailand’s social enterprise ecosystem, and people who are leading change will help you achieve your goals in creating positive change.


Tuition fee for Thai students

Tuition fee for Thai students is 73,000 THB/student/semester on average, with an addition of 18,000 THB for each summer program. However, please note that the presented tuition fees are only estimates based on the current GSSE curriculum. Additional credit fees (3,000 THB/credit) may be charged depending on elective courses you take.

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
Pre-program 25,000
Year 1 76,000 79,000 18,000
Year 2 73,000 70,000 18,000
Year 3 73,000 85,000 18,000
Year 4 61,000 64,000

Tuition fee for international students

Tuition fee for international students is 83,000 THB/student/semester (approximately 2,350 USD) on average, with an addition of 23,000 THB for each summer program (approximately 650 USD). However, please note that the presented tuition fees are only estimates based on the current GSSE curriculum. Additional credit fees (3,000 THB, approximately 85 USD)/credit may be charged depending elective courses you take.

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
Pre-program 25,000
Year 1 86,000 89,000 23,000
Year 2 83,000 80,000 23,000
Year 3 83,000 95,000 23,000
Year 4 71,000 74,000

Additional expenses

Dormitory nearby Thammasat Rangsit campus may range from 3,500-6,500 THB/month (approximately 100-200 USD) depending on your living preferences.

Living expenses, including meals and transportation, may range from 5,000-10,000+ THB/month (approximately 150-300+ USD) depending on your personal financial management.

Financial Aid

What are the types of financial aid offered by GSSE?

SGS Partial Scholarships (for prospective students)

SGS Partial Scholarships are for students from under-served communities who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance and leadership potential during high school.

How can I apply for scholarships and financial aid?

  1. When you start your GSSE Application, you must indicate that you need financial aid at the bottom of Part of the Google Form.
  2. If you are invited to interview for the program, you will have a separate interview to determine whether you will receive a scholarship or financial aid.

How will I be evaluated for financial aid?

We review requests for financial aid holistically, focusing on student’s financial needs, academic performance , and leadership potential.

Financial Needs: We want to see that you have a demonstrated financial need. We take into account your family background and the availability of other financial means to support your studies at GSSE.

Academic Performance: We want to see your exceptional academic performance during high school. We are looking for your academic ability and potential to flourish at GSSE.

Leadership Potential: We look for leaders who have the potential to change the world. As such, we want to see that you have made notable contributions to your community. We want to see your enthusiasm, energy, and depth of commitment towards social change that you can bring to our community.