Learn Education is Asia’s leading Education technology social enterprise. G-Lab’s work with Learn Education involves 1.create new innovative solutions to tackle education challenges in Thailand and 2. assisting the social enterprise in scaling its impact.

G-Lab’s co-creation in innovation work with Learn Education involves conducting an in-depth research to understand challenges faced for all students in Thailand in all regions, identifying key challenges and opportunities for Learn Education to develop innovative solutions tackling the challenges , and creating prototypes and testings solutions with pilot schools. One of our product innovation for Learn Education is active-based learning modules for middle school math integrated to its current blended learning technology solution.

G-Lab co-creation in scaling work involve, the development of Learn Education’s business plan, scaling strategy to reach 1 million users in 5 years, helping the social enterprise connect to key resource partners and impact investors both locally and internationally. In addition, we also help Learn Education set a framework to measure its social impact. Until this day, we have been instrumental to help the social enterprises in scaling from 10 schools to 50 schools in 3 years (2012-2015) and with the goal to reach 15,000 school serving 1 million students by 2020.

Moving forward with Learn Education from year 2015-onwards G-Lab will work with to help scale Learn Education’s active-based learning modules, creating a tech platform for teachers, helping to extract student data in order to create more personalized learning tools as well as a communication feedback system for teachers and parents, as well as the development of an English program complementary to Learn Education’s current products.

Core team: Viria Vichit-Vadakan, Chanya Punyakumpol, Wan Chantavilasvong

Duration: 2014 – present