Water rights: opportunity and crisis

Teaching Learning Center is pleased to invite you, on behalf of the School of Global Studies, to a presentation on 'Water rights: opportunity and crisis’ by Dr. Ross Michael Pink, Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Canada. Dr. Pink is the founder of “Global Water Rights” and has been a global advocate for global water scarcity, health, human rights, child rights, and right to water and sanitation and human security.

His presentation will highlight water security and climate change issues affecting Thailand, India and China. Dr. Pink will address dramatic challenges facing three billion people on human rightseconomic development, food security and health. The presentation will also address solutions such as cloud-seeding, desalinization and rainwater-harvestingFREE REGISTRATION

As all these topics encompass many disciplines, we thought that this presentation may be of interest to you. We would be most grateful if you could then kindly share this announcement with whoever it may interest -- professors and students alike.

Please, note that Dr. Pink’s most recent book “Water Rights in South-east Asia and India” is available at the following ISBN: eBook ISBN: 978-1-137-50423-4 or hardcover ISBN: 978-1-137-50422-7. At the end of his presentation, he will be available to sign his books for those who would have bought it in advance.