SGS Game Day 2016

According to Noam Chomsky, “It’s not important what we cover in class, it’s important what we discover.” Learning about globalization and global community only through various courses covered in class will never be able to fully reveal what is diversity, what is global community and what is solidarity. In order to realize the taste and flavour of diversity, one must experience an environment of different kinds of colourful people with diverse background knowledges from various parts of the world. Here at School of Global Studies, Thammasat University, students from both undergraduate and graduate programs were having the hands-on experience of global community and solidarity by participating in a memorable event, “SGS Game Day”, on 15th March, 2016. 

Students from these various countries (England, Ireland, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Canada, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malawi, Lesotho, Eretria, Sweden, Zimbabwe,Bhutan, Fiji and Thailand) and ethnicities all came together and participated in different kinds of games such as Dodge ball, Tug of war, rubber band carrying, balloon bursting, etc. In the evening, students from both undergraduate program and graduate program played Futsol.


We enjoyed a lot……! It was filled with fun.




Green team and Red team took position on each side. When referee started the game, two teams tried to crush the balloon behind the other team member without using their hands. The one who had been crushed his or her balloon had to leave from the game. This game was played three times.



Each team member from Red team and Green team had to pass a rubber -band to another member with a straw in their mouth and the last receiver had to run to the goal to win. Really funny and hilarious!!



Game which made team spirit very strong. The game made two people from each team tie their legs and race towards the goal line. Amazingly, many students involved ans played as much as they could in this game although this game was difficult to follow. 




Green team and Red team pulled a rope to each side across a central line. The team that would be drawn across the line by the other would be the one to lose. This game was played three times and all the players pulled the rope with all their efforts. Each team won at least once.



Not only there were players, but we also had cheer leaders who supported us to boost our energies. All the cheer leaders were Bachelor students except ThiThi a Master student of Global Health. They made all participants smile and feel the fun. A local style Thai dance performance was another energy- booster for all the students!



We really appreciated the effort of our organizers and everyone who supported in each of corner for this day including master student president –Elin and KhunMay, KhunJune, Tessa, Alex and Ye from MPH, and Sai, Namo, Auto, Bank and Nattha, etc.