1st class of TU102

TU102 Social Life Skills has begun the 1st class of instruction on August 17, 2016.This course provides the foundation for the students to develop skills necessary to lead a healthy life style in a holistic manner, addressing the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Students will learn to develop their ability to manage stress, maintain physical health, built emotional intelligence, self-awareness and understanding. 

Also, they will learn the meaning of aesthetics, experiencing and appreciating the relationship between art and humanity in different fields, namely visual arts, music, performing arts and architecture.

This course integrates different disciplines cohesively in the development of social life skills by utilizing visual learning resources, group discussions, and practical exercises as the main teaching-learning methods.  

The first session of this core subject was well-conducted as it spontaneously created an impressive classroom’s atmosphere. The students were able to participate very well by asking questions and proposing their personal opinions during the class discussion through “sli.do”, an audience interaction tool for meetings, events and conferences. It offers interactive Q&A live polls and real-time presentation sharing.