Tobacco Control Campaign [V6 Team from Thammasat University Thailand]


Earlier this year, the Cohort 2 students entered a global health case competition hosted by the Association of the Pacific Rim Universities (APRU). The case competition was centered around the problem: How do we reduce the amount of tobacco use on college campuses? The competition included both undergraduate and graduate students from all over the Pacific Rim region. In July, 2017, it was announced that a group from the GSSE program had been chosen as a finalist, along with a group from the University of Indonesia and the University of Sydney. The finalists have been invited to present their videos at the APRU Global Health Program’s annual conference in Manila, Philippines, this coming October. It is at this conference that the winner will be chosen. The winning team will receive an award of $500 USD.

Congratulations to Pratchanat Chanchontee, Thitivorada Thimkam, Tin Kungsawanich, Namo Rakliang, Ratthapol Wongsarodge and Praewwanit Srichobtham. Your hard work has been recognized.

Please view their video below: https://www.youtube.com/embed/haqYLxSZkCo