96 Penang Gym





Nothing hits as hard as life.

How can we help to improve communication skills and attract more customers to give members, of 96 Penang Gym at Klong Toey's slum, the financial means to renovate and improve their environment?

96 Penang is a full-time professional Muay Thai camp situated in the Klong Toey's port area of Bangkok. The gym has a fine reputation for developing and preparing fighters. 96 Penang fighters are known for their technical approach to fighting. This comes from the way they are prepared by the gym's team of trainers headed by Kaisuwit Suan Kela Nongkhi, former Rajdamneon Champ, and one time Fighter and Trainer of the Year. Samranchai remains in residence and is currently (October 2011) involved in the Omnoi Stadium/Isuzu Cup tournament.

Team Members

Natthaphong Sophontanakij
Mahasamuth Saiyasombat

Supawat Chundethsumrit
Phillip Höhne

What is happening in the 96 Penang Gym?

- When the fighter become famous, they are likely to be taken away by other rival gym that offers more money.

- There used to be a person who supported the gym financially but now, there are no more support from the person or any NGOs. The gym stays afloat by themselves.

- The gym faces a hard time negotiate with the fighters' parent swho wanted more money when the fighters start fighting. 

- The gym faces difficulty in paying the electricity and water bills which amount to approximately 10 000 THB per month.

- The equipments are very old - only some of them could be used. o

What is happening in the slum?

- The residents of Klong Toey experience murders, abuse, petty and serious crimes, drug addictions, unmanaged waste, unemployment and grinding poverty on a regular basis.

- There's garbage littered around the community and issues with sewage clogging affect the community. You can also find many elderlies and people with disabilities sitting in front of their makeshift tin shack houses.


- Nowadays the boxing society is in a downhill period because for the past ten years there are the gambling involved, and people who went to the stadium is likely seeking for profit.

- A lack of ability to communicate in English keeps the gym from attractng more foreign pro-fighters.

- The gym faces a lack of financial help from investors, the government or NGOs. 

OUR Overall campaign

- We look for stronger partnerships.

- We utilize the gym's strengths such as strong Muay Thai skills, family-like atmosphere and close supervision to attract more customers.

- We help the gym to become more self-sustainable as soon as possible by setting donation goals, improving the skills of the gym owners and coaches.  

- We help to expand the customer base. For example, the gym offers classes for amateur fighters on two days.