Pitiful Cockroach




The new innovative solution
for managing garbage disposal.

We focus on waste separation in Talard-Thai market. Our aim is to create a solution to encourage and support waste separation project in Talad-Thai market. We choose Talad Thai as a target market because this market has a good management system and we think that this market can be used as a role model for other nearby markets. In this case, we work on ‘waste separation’ and ‘waste management’ in Talad-Thai market. 

Team Members

Prem Chawla
Non Buakham
Porawin Piamsakkamon
Phuangthong Sabrungthawee
Butsaratip Santisutham
Teepakorn Boonpharod


After we surveyed the Talad-Thai community by interviewing traders, security guards and visitors, we saw that this market was an important market in Thailand as it served people from all walks of life. However, there was a problem with waste separation which had generated negative consequences to consumers and traders. However, we found that this issue was taken lightly. People were happy to talk to us about the market's progress but when asked about their opinion on the waste separation system, they were unable to gives us a clear or positive answer.


After we collected the data and relevant information, we think that the Talad-Thai market can be improved to become a better market in the near future. We are working on prototypes to resolve the waste separation problem in the market.