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Thailand's new wave of social change

Why a generation of Thai entrepreneurs has switched to socially-minded businesses.

Source: BK Magazine By Lily Kittisrikangwan
Jun 24, 2015


Bangkok’s social enterprise (SE) start-up scene is booming. A new batch of young entrepreneurs is looking to create businesses that, instead of creating maximum profit for individuals, address social problems and generate income for those who need it most. But can the philanthropic business aspirations of young graduates really solve our social problems? Or are SE’s just a sexy new trend for a small pool of young elites?


Though there has been a recent surge in the number of locally operated SE companies, support from the Thai government for the SE ecosystem has actually been steadily growing for some time. In fact, Thailand has a positive standing in the region because of its government-backed SE initiative, the Thai Social Enterprise Office (TSEO), which runs workshops, gives consultations and also pushes for policies that will create a more favorable business environment."


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