A Telco Company

G-Lab was contacted by one of Thailand’s largest telecommunications company to develop new markets using human-centered design methodology. The company had plateaued in getting new customers for mobile-internet penetration and because traditional market research survey, focus groups and cold calling were time consuming, expensive and no longer effective, they were looking for unique solutions from human-centered design. Employing qualitative, field-based design-thinking protocols, G-Lab tapped into a large migrant community living in Thailand.

Over the coming years, with AEC and the free flow of people from neighboring countries, we were able create customer personas which could potentially open new markets for mobile-internet usage.

More importantly, access to mobile technology would allow migrant workers to experience security, safety and convenience as they navigated life in Thailand.

In addition, G-Lab identified an additional market of active knowledge workers for mobile-internet penetration. As Thailand continues to evolve economically, it will inevitably be faced with an increasingly aging population. Mobile-internet represents an opportunity for this population to stay engaged and productive as they enter their twilight years.

This project represents G-Lab’s capability in design research from scoping the challenge to gaining insights on target users and customer personas.

Core team: Viria Vichit-Vadakan, Apivat Hanvongse

Duration: 2 months