Your contribution is not just for one life, it's also for the lives that our change-makers will impact.


Students apply to GSSE from all over the world, with all sorts of financial situations. At GSSE, we are committed to educating our admitted students, no matter their financial status. To begin, we do not take into account an applicant’s ability to pay for our program during the admissions process. That means that a student who cannot afford GSSE at all has the same chances of admissions as a student who can completely pay for GSSE.


GSSE students who have proven a need for financial assistance are given financial aid in the form of scholarships and/or work-study throughout their four years. With more and more students being attracted to our program comes our need to establish a stronger scholarship fund. You can be a part of GSSE’s growth and vision to provide equal opportunities for students. We believe in the power of businesses, individuals, and groups to create change-makers with us through tax-deductible gifts.




Whether you are a big business or a small business, we invite you to invest in students with us. Providing corporate scholarships for GSSE students shows your institution’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. To show our appreciation, we will publicize your gift and business name whenever possible.


If you are ready to sponsor a student entirely for four years, we invite you to contribute to an Individual-2-Student scholarship. Although students and their families try their best to contribute every amount possible, some students truly need full sponsorships. We recognize all of our major donors publicly, unless otherwise requested.


No gift is too small. Even if you are not yet ready to sponsor a student entirely, your gift still makes a tremendous difference. Your gift will be pooled with gifts from other donors to make the students’ education at GSSE possible. Some donors start small and slowly build up their donation capacity, especially fueled by the rewardingness of giving to students who accelerate social impact.

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"The most impressive thing about GSSE is how the young and energetic teachers and professors teach the students how to think outside the box. These bright, intellectual teachers are capable of stimulating the minds of their students. At the same time, the students are have fun and are eager to learn.

I believe in education and want to help those who are smart and want to learn but can't afford it.

It's rewarding to be in communication with my sponsored student, to learn how happy he is and how well he is doing in school. From his emails he has indicated how much he's enjoying GSSE. I can see that he is thriving socially as well. To see him shine and happy makes me feel good. The best thing will be to see him graduate and contribute back to society."

-Tan Suwannukul

"I’m in my 20's and don’t have so much money that I can fully sponsor a student for 4 years, but I know that I want to give 10% of my income to a social cause. For me, there’s no better way than to give to GSSE, since that gift would change not only the life of a student, but also the lives of those whom the student’s future social enterprise would touch.

A gift to GSSE reflects more than my belief in education. It also reflects my belief that businesses can and should change to be more aligned with the needs of society.

I want to give now, in my 20's, because I want to change the understanding that one has to be older before one can give. It’s important to practice my giving muscle at a young age. Otherwise, I might never know how to use this muscle when I’m older."

-Thammika Songkaeo


For more information about giving to GSSE, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..