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  • KIS International School, Thailand
  • Student life | Opportunities at GSSE

I was born in Thailand and studied for the IB Diploma in KIS International school. Although I studied in the science field during my high school, I wanted to contribute in create social change among the Thai Society. I have a vision in delivering equity and stable solutions among Thai society through financial and social means. Contributing in social goods bring happiness to me, in doing so, I will do my best starting from myself and hopefully, my actions will inspire others to follow.


  • Phichairattanakhan School, Thailand
  • Student life | Financial Aid

When I was in high school, I dreamed of becoming a businessman whose work isn't only about profit, but about contributing something meaningful to society. It was when GSSE introduced me to the concept of 'Social Entrepreneurship' that my passion was ignited. GSSE has exposed me to different novel experiences and opportunities. GSSE also teaches me that there's much more to be learned outside of theory and classes.



  • Trium Udom Suksa School, Thailand
  • Dorm life in Rangsit

I believe I can bring great changes to the world. I come from a province far from Bangkok called Nakhon Si Thammarat, where rainforests are still abundant. My love for nature grew when I moved to Bangkok to study. I realize that environmental degradation in Thailand is becoming a serious issue. I witnessed the effects of deforestation on mountains and I knew then that changes need to be made. Besides building my knowledge on environmental issues, I am also the Movie Club president at GSSE.


  • Hinsdale South & Plainfield North High School, U.S.A.
  • Life as an International Student

I am from New York City, but I originally grew up in Chicago. I have many interests such as playing computer, eating, reading novels, watching movies and running. I always like a good debate or in depth discussion about anything at all. I find this to be really engaging and I get to learn about the different ways that people think. I am interested in subjects related to environment, human communication, social issues, and psychology. I also have a huge passion for traveling and writing. Nothing beats hitting the road every once in a while to see different places and gain first hand experience about different people and culture.



  • Plearnpattana School, Thailand
  • Student life | Preparing for GSSE

Throughout my academic years, I studied in both conventional schools and alternative schools. I also worked on filming a documentary on education in ASEAN countries for three years. Because of my filming experience, I realized that education is a key factor in tackling the inequalities in the world. I hope to become a leader who is accountable to others in order to create an equitable world.



  • Chukha High School, Bhutan
  • Life as an International Student

As I took a gap year after high school I realized how much I love helping people. During my gap year, I was very involved in volunteerism and I still love doing it.



  • Satit Patumwan School, Thailand
  • Finding yourself | Preparing for GSSE

I’m interested in business and sustainability management. My hobby is self-studying. During my free time, I like to read books about self-development and psychology. My friends said that I’m a responsible and emphatic person. Indeed, I am responsible not only for myself but also for the society that I live in. With my interests, I believe that there are always ideas and solutions to sustain and improve our businesses, society, and the world. That is why I chose to study at GSSE. It is a great opportunity to be here and work with friends from different backgrounds to make ourselves a better people, and the world a better place.


  • St. Andrews International Schools Green Valley, Thailand
  • Why GSSE

I'm from a city called Phitsanulok, a Northern province in Thailand. I've lived in 5 cities for all my life with a good 12 years in Pattaya so I've been exposed to different cultures and values. Before coming to GSSE, I studied in the Engineering program at Thammasat University. Unfortunately it wasn't the right major for me as I'm really passionate in serving society.


  • Thewphaigarm School, Thailand

I believe that the difference in people's thoughts is the beauty of being human. Whenever I look at something, I try to see things from different angles. I'm interested in law and it is my biggest dream to become a lawyer.



  • Assumption Convent School, Thailand
  • Student life | Opportunities at GSSE

I became interested in global issues since I started studying social studies subject in my high school. I think understanding global issues is important because the world is changing so rapidly and it’s important to adapt to new situation quickly. I am particularly interested in political issues and global trends. Apart from that, I love music and watching movies. I also value friendship and I like connecting with new people.



  • Satit Prasarnmit School, Thailand
  • Learning at GSSE | GSSE Interview

I'm working as a student ambassador and a photographer at GSSE. I'm interested in carbon emission, green energy, solar energy, computer security, first aids, and food. I define myself as a friendly and easy-going person.



  • St. Mary's Higher Secondary School, Nepal
  • Overview of GSSE

My areas of interest are gender equality, human rights and media. Digging deeper, the area I am most concerned about is girls being trafficked for prostitution specially in South Asia.



  • Potisarnpittayakorn School, Thailand
  • Opportunities at GSSE

I am ordinary girl but I have passion to do something to change the world. I believe that everyone has ideas, but not everyone gets the opportunity to execute on their idea. I came to GSSE because it is a space for me to bring my ideas to life to solve global issues and to develop myself.