Research and Academic Services

“In a globalized world we are presented with a myriad of complex problems challenging social justice. The School of Global Studies research program must conduct research that reveals unjust structures and dynamics. This calls for reflection on our understanding of knowledge and its creation. A break from our traditional conceptualization on knowledge creation is necessary. Becoming socially engaged is paramount to the creation of relevant knowledge. Traditional approaches to enquiry are falling short in capturing the complexity of problems. Trans-disciplinary research allows investigators to transcend their own disciplines to inform one another’s work capture complexity and create new intellectual spaces.” 
Prof. Marc Van der Putten, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, SGS.
The overall Goal of the School of Global studies Research Program is to conduct research that prioritizes trans-disciplinary issues of social justice aligned with the Vision and Mission of SGS. Within the strategic plan 2015 -2020, the key strategies will:
♦ Promote cross-disciplinary research within SGS and across research communities that prioritizes social justice.
♦ Develop mechanisms to assist SGS faculty and students in initiating research projects and publications.
♦ Capitalize on our research strengths to position SGS in the global research landscape.
Research, as one of the pillars of the School of Global Studies’ mission and operations, is intended to contribute to University, Nation and Global body of evidence to influence important decisions ensuring a robust wellbeing of the populations. Over the next 5 Year Strategic Planning period, the research arm will expand the breadth of our program, in order to engage both Senior and Junior Researchers with engaged partnerships; we will define our Agenda into three distinctive subjective matter Clusters, including Research in:
Understanding how globalization processes influence social determinants and their interactions creating inequities in health and wellbeing impacting social justice.
Understand social innovation and change both as a process and as a product in resolving social, cultural, economic, and environmental challenges in the global-local interface.
Translate research into practice to allow potentials for transformative social justice learning in higher education in context of a globalizing world.