Develop Yourself Beyond Classrooms

Your time at GSSE is not just about academics. We want to prepare you for life beyond your studies. At GSSE, we focus on developing your whole self through unique student experiences. Throughout these four years, you will learn about yourself, develop your core competencies and actively engage with the world.


Short courses are 9-12 hours (in 3-4 session) classes that are ungraded and free for you. You will receive a certificate of completion if you have a 100% attendance. This is generally a smaller class with mixed cohorts and is on a first come first served basis.

The courses are taught by qualified and passionate instructors who adopt active learning philosophy. The topics of the course are linked to the curriculum, and sometimes, you can also request for topics that you are interested in.

Short courses are offered throughout the year.


The speaker series offer you with more opportunities to explore different career paths and introduce you to innovative ideas in the world, leading to summer internships or eventual career placements.

Guest speakers from various backgrounds, such as social entrepreneurs, non­profit and international organizations, activists, academia or business entrepreneurs, are brought in every month by GLab, to share their stories and their organizations’ missions.

You will meet people outside of textbooks who are already working to create social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Southeast Asian, tackling human rights issues, or organizing exchange programs between Asian and Silicon Valley.


This was a short course on developing students’ persuasive skills to enhance their abilities to communicate their ideas to the wider audiences. Through this course, students learned to improve their public speaking, argumentation, communication, and analytical skills.

Gain Global Experience

Study abroad through our affordable programs. Thammasat University has an extensive partnership with universities all around the world such as in Europe, the United States of America, Oceania and Asia. What this means is that you just need to pay the regular tuition fees to GSSE and study in a partner university abroad.

You will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships when going abroad, depending on the specific conditions of each program. Scholarships would potentially cover tuition fee, airplane ticket, accommodation and allowance.

As an international program that focuses on developing global citizens, we offer courses that are flexible for students’ mobility. As such, going abroad will not cause you to graduate later than your peers.

Our Community-Based Learning Initiative (CBLI)

Immerse yourself in the community you want to serve To solve a problem, we must first understand the problem and ask the right questions. Through Community-Based Learning Initiative (CBLI), you will get a feel for vulnerable groups and communities in the real world. CBLI connects your academic work with your interest and concern for communities around Bangkok and beyond. Working with social impact organizations to create positive changes in communities, you will explore the communities of interest, develop questions of enquiry, collect and analyze community-related information, develop solutions and reflect on your learnings, and share your insights with friends, communities, and organizations who can use the information.

Through CBLI, you will get the experience of running projects and exploring your passion in areas that you are interested in.

CBLI allows you to work with any organizations that create social impact such as community-based organizations, nonprofits or social enterprises, either through an internship, project, or exchange programs. Also, the course doesn’t confine you to working in Thailand only – you can work in anywhere in the world.

Launch Your Social Innovation Project

You will gain hands-on learning experience in creating and delivering solutions for real-world problems through integrating conceptual knowledge and utilizing social innovation tools. You are expected to select, design and deliver projects while your professors act as mentors guiding and supporting your innovation efforts. To effectively design solutions for social challenges, you are equipped with social innovation tools, frames, mindset and team development skills. Throughout your 4 years at GSSE, you will learn how to scale your projects from modest to more complex or from local to global whether as a series of standalone projects or a continuum of projects around a particular problem.

Professional Preparation

Get ready for your professional life once you enter university and not after you graduate. At GSSE, you will start preparing for your career immediately through Professional Development Portfolio (PDP).

Through PDP, you will discover your interests, skills and values. You will also be exposed to different careers through thematic modules, guest speakers, off-site visits, and participation in career-related events. Throughout the 4 years, you will build a portfolio of experiences (resume & online profile), hone your skills, prepare yourself for the job market and present yourself successfully to future employers. We want you to ensure your seamless transition from university to professional life.

Year 1: Basic

Building self-awareness

Exploring different occupations

Year 2: Intermediate

Networking & informational interview

Joining clubs and taking leadership roles

Year 3: Advanced

Study abroad

Part-time job, internship

Year 4: Accelerated

Career related workshops

1 on 1 coaching from experts

Dive Into the Working World

Internships are a vital part of the learning process. Starting from your first year at GSSE, you will work with a wide range of organizations ranging from social enterprises to multinational firms in various sectors such as health, technology, environment and education. Through internships, you will gain work experience, accumulate knowledge on your area of interest and develop alternative perspectives to issues you’ve studied in class.

“My opportunity to intern at Siam Commercial Bank Foundation (SCBF) is my first step into understanding social issues in a real work environment and acquiring working skills. I had the chance to organize an event by SCBF that convened teachers to share ideas and solutions on how to improve education. I learned how to work as an organizer, how to communicate effectively with staffs and participants. It was very rigorous work, but I learned how to manage my work well and connect with others.”