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A new and innovative academic initiative within Thammasat University and a front runner in social innovation and sustainability within Thailand, Southeast Asia and beyond. SGS has an excellent track record in research, and is known for student-centered teaching and its academic and community service.

The School enjoys a unique position of being a national, regional, and global focal point for research and teaching that addresses the UN Sustainable Development Goals and for its collaborative relationships with academic and professional communities.

In an increasingly globalized world characterized by profound and rapid change our passion for social justice and equity combined with our expertise in research, teaching, and mentoring changemakers is more important than ever.

We are devoted to our mission of education, research, service and intercultural dialogue; and do not view these as separate domains, but recognize the importance of the intersections of education, research, service and inter-cultural dialogue.


“Innovators for sustainable solutions to complex global issues”


Cultivate graduates with 21st-century skills and global mindsets through a multidisciplinary approach in knowledge creation based on innovative teaching, research and academic service.


At SGS, we believe that developing equitable solutions to complex social issues requires an understanding of the underlying interconnectedness and complexity, and collaboration between diverse disciplines.

Message from the Dean of SGS, on the common spirit of the school and its programs:

“At the aggregate level, The School of Global Studies has been at the forefront of various issues, whether globalization, innovation, or entrepreneurship. Those are the essential concepts and segues where we try to bridge and connect between theory and practice—to integrate actual events into our understanding and our theory of social sciences.

As a specialized entity in the SEA region, we have been trying to make the vital connection between globalization and localization. The focus is to substantiate what it means to have these experiences while extending them to the global framework. For innovation and entrepreneurship, our mission is to expand the base at the private sector level, and bring entrepreneurship to the policy level, civil society level, and the public spheres.

For this reason, it is the crucial element that we always encourage and support our students at SGS to embrace and practice. Expectantly, with that type of knowledge set, students can focus more on the issues that are relevant within their theses, study, and personal endeavors.” 

Assistant Professor Prapaporn Tivayanond Mongkhonvanit, PhD

Dean of The School of Global Studies, Thammasat University

SGS's Board of Directors

The School of Global Studies's Board of Directors



World Class experts with a passion for education. Find out about their experience making global impact in for-profit and non-profit organizations from a wide variety of sectors.

We are always on the search for talented individuals ready to join us in the vibrant and innovative community of the School of Global Studies.
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