2018-2019 Admission Schedule

Please note applying early is advised as we only are accepting 50 students to GSSE.

Application Period:
1.1 October 1-31st FINISHED
1.2 November 1-30th FINISHED
1.3 December 1-31st FINISHED
2.1 January 1-30th 2019 FINISHED
3.1 February 1-28th 2019 FINISHED
3.2 March 1-31st 2019 FINISHED
4.1 April 1-30th 2019
Interview announcement:
1.1 November 3rd FINISHED
1.2 December 3rd FINISHED
1.3 January 4th 2019 FINISHED
2.1 February 5th 2019 FINISHED
3.1 March 4th 2019 FINISHED
3.2 April 10th 2019 FINISHED
4.1 May 11th 2019
Interview Dates: Will be announced
Acceptance announcement: Will be announced
Confirmation from eligible applicants’ period Will be announced
Clearing House: April 24-25th 2019

The Admission Process

PART 1: Application Period

Phase 1:

1.       Please fill in the short form (8 questions) and we’ll get back to you immediately. – http://bit.ly/gsse-apply 

2.       Please note that the email you used when you fill in our online form will be used as the main channel of communication throughout your admission process.


Phase 2:

3.       Our Admissions team will get in contact with you and send you further information on the process, including your application fee.

4.       To pay for your application fee, please print the invoice that will be sent to you via email and use it to pay for your fee at any Krung Thai Bank counter services.

(For international students, the transaction can be made with the information provided in the invoice)

5.       The application fee must be paid before sending in your applications

6.       Students are asked to submit all documents and your portfolio to gsse.admission@sgs.tu.ac.th by the deadline.


PART 2: Interview Dates Will be announced

7.       After we reviewed your application, we will report back to you again if you are eligible for an interview.

8.       The list of eligible candidates will be announced at the end of each application period and interviews will be held at the School of Global Studies, Thammasat University (Rangsit campus).

9.       International students will be evaluated online via Skype and must submit the required documents to gsse.admission@sgs.tu.ac.th before each application period.

10.    The Interview result will be announced shortly after the process

11.    Once you’ve been accepted, you will have 5 days to accept your spot in our program at sgs.tu.ac.th before submitting to TCAS.


PART 3: CLEARING HOUSE PERIOD (For Thai students only) | April 24th-25th

12.    Once you know you’ve been accepted to the GSSE program you will have go to the TCAS website and choose The School of Global Studies – this is the updated process for the 2018-2019 admissions required by all public Universities in Thailand.

13.    After you have accepted our program, both with our admissions team and at TCAS clearinghouse, it is required that you pay your deposit (45,000 THB) to reserve your spot in the program.

This information is subject to be changed without notice. For further information, please email gsse.admission@sgs.tu.ac.th directly to get in touch with our admissions team who can help guide you through the process.