Potential Career Paths

As a GSSE graduate, you will have skill sets that enable you to pursue a variety of careers across the public, private and social sectors. Your competitive advantages as a GSSE graduate are a unique profile and a portfolio that reflects a range of work experience including projects and internships.

With our resources and connections with people working in the Impact Sector, your 4 years at GSSE will allow you to experiment with creating your own social enterprise and immersing yourself in the field of social impact.

After you graduate from GSSE, the most direct career path is to become a social entrepreneur to create your social innovations and start your own social enterprises. However, more broadly speaking, you can also join the existing Impact Sector in Thailand and abroad. The careers in the Impact Sector will require you to understand both the business and social aspects, which people seldom have an where you would have a competitive advantage.

Potential areas for your career path include established social enterprises, international consulting firms, social finance institutions, CSR divisions, foundations, and more.

Your years at GSSE will prepare you to become versatile and adaptable in different working environments. With our broad range of courses, you will understand the connections between business, environment and social sectors at a local and global level. Moreover, at GSSE, you will develop vital 21st century skills, which are qualities many employers look for in their employees.