GSSE Curriculum - Be The Change

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GSSE curriculum requires 129 credits to graduate at the minimum of 4 years of studies. The curriculum is divided into 8 modules of learning (1 module/semester) designed to foster the change maker within you. For the last 2 modules of learning in your senior year, you will have the opportunity to initiate your own senior project.

  1. Intervention & Social Innovation
  2. Advocacy & Social Innovation
  3. Technology & Social Innovation

GSSE Learning Modules

Year 1 Semester 1

GS202 Understanding Human Communications
GS201 Foundations of Academic Writing
TU100 Civic Education
TU101 Thailand, ASEAN, World*
TU102 Social Life Skills*
TU104 Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing*
Co-Curricular Activities

Year 1 Semester 2

GS200 Applied Critical Thinking
GS210 People, Groups & Networks
GS211 Social Inquiry & Assessment
GS215 Case: People Communities
GS340 Social Innovation Project 1
TU105 Communication Skills in English*
TU106 Creativity and Communication*
Co-Curricular Activities

Year 2 Semester 1

GS212 Econ for Social Entrepreneurs (elective)
GS225 Case Study: Society & Governance
GS231 Intro to Human Security
GS220 Philosophy and Religion for Global Citizenship
TU103 Integrated Science & Sustainability*
Required Electives (Choose 1 course: 3 credits)
Co-Curricular Activities

Year 2 Semester 2

GS230 Intro To Global Studies
GS232 Globalization Flow 1
GS233 Globalization Flow 2
GS235 Case Study: Globalization
GS341 Social Innovation Project 2.2
Psychology of Global Organization
(ElectiveCourse of General Education: Part 2)
AS125 Intro to ASEAN
Co-Curricular Activities

Year 3 Semester 1

GS240 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
GS241 Human Centered Design for Social Innovation
GS242 Idea Generating Methods
GS244 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
GS250 Planning & Management
GS251 Integrated Acct Principles
Co-Curricular Activities

Year 3 Semester 2

S243 Communication as Innovation
GS245 Foundations of Leadership
GS252 Financial Management Social Enterprise
GS255 Case Study: Managing Social Innovation
GS324 Social Innovation Project 2
Required Elective
Co-Curricular Activities

Year 4 Semester 1

GS253 Social Entrepreneurship & Venture Management**
Interventions and Social Innovation
GS260 Designing Organizations
GS261 The Private Sector and Social Innovation
GS262 Introduction to Social Brands
Advocacy and Social Innovation
GS270 Power, Strategy and Social Change
GS271 Global Context of Advocacy
GS272 Intro to Community Organizing
Technology and Social Innovation
GS280 Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
GS281 Digital Economy and Social Innovation
GS282 Technology for Developing Countries
XXxxx Free Elective
or GS594 Special Topics Global Studies and Social Innovation 1

Year 4 Semester 2

GS343 Social Innovation Project 4
GS593 Professional Development 4
XXxxx Free Elective
or GS595 Special Topics Global Studies and Social Innovation 2
Interventions and Social Innovation
GS263 Sustainable Transformations
GS264 Design Thinking for Public Social Services
Advocacy and Social Innovation
GS273 Media Advocacy
GS274 Advocacy in Government Relations
Technology and Social Innovation
GS283 Technology for Developing Countries
GS284 Designing for Science