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Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship


Be The Change with GSSE

At GSSE we welcome people who think differently, learn differently, and take action. Your education does not just stop at learning about global issues and problems. You will be expected to identify needs and proactively take action to address those needs. Rather than rely on rigid content to pass an exam, you will engage in thinking and solving real world problems.


Be challenged by our integrated approach to learning and develop an authentic understanding of yourself in relation to your community and the world. Become an ethical leader who will promote social justice and improve societal well-being.


Join a diverse and global community of faculty, staff members and students who are united in a common vision to create a better society. Connect with real practitioners and be part of a unique ecosystem designed to create social impact.


Start creating global impact from day 1 at GSSE. You will be immersed in an environment that is committed to changing things for the better, be it in the classroom or beyond.




You will need multifaceted and multidisciplinary thinking to understand the complex economic, political, and socio-cultural aspects integral to the problems that affect our interrelated world today. Our curriculum is designed to provide you with the skills and expertise that will allow you to draw upon different perspectives, conceptual understandings, and diverse experiences to understand problems and explore solutions beyond that viewed by a single discipline


At GSSE, you will learn through discussions, debates and reflections while developing prototypes that will serve as concrete solutions to real social problems. During the summer months you will be exposed to real-work settings and career opportunities through internships with different, like-minded organizations. Beyond our curriculum, you will experience the real challenges and ground-breaking innovations of local and international practitioners.



In a rapidly changing and interconnected world, you will gain critical skills to increase your competitive edge for employment mobility in the future global job market. Our classroom and non-classroom environments ensure learning that instills diverse competencies that include critical thinking, leadership, communication, time management, teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, adaptability, and business skills.


You will be creating impact in the real world from day one.

At GSSE, your education does not just stop at merely learning about global issues and problems. You will be expected to assume the responsibility of not only identifying needs but to proactively take action to address those needs. Rather than rely on rigid content to simply pass an exam, you will engage in understanding and solving real world problems. And you will not be alone in this incredible journey of impact and social change. The GSSE community has the collective experience and expertise which will guide, challenge, and support you along the way. Moreover, our social innovation platform, called “G-Lab”, which is our connection with Thailand’s social enterprise ecosystem and the people who are leading change, will help you achieve your goals in creating positive social outcomes.



The Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship is an innovative academic initiative within Thammasat University and enjoys a unique position as a national focal point for global issues. With our outstanding international team of educators, with diverse backgrounds and expertise, students will develop and strengthen their 21st-century skills through active learning methods to analyze social problems and generate sustainable solutions.

Our additional academic activities are also highlights. Field trips, field immersions, internships, student projects, and competitions provide our students with real-life experience and personal development for their future careers. The employment rate of our new graduates has been very high, and we always take pride in our alumni who are now managing their own businesses as well as working in various leading national and international organizations.

For current students, I encourage you to make the most of your time while being with us at this vibrant institution. Our educators and staff are here to give you support and motivation. For prospective students, we are pleased to welcome you for a visit and answer all queries concerning our program. Let’s get in touch!

Assistant Professor Dr. Phithaksak Thisaphak

(ผู้ช่วยศาสตราจารย์ ดร.พิทักษ์ศักดิ์ ทิศาภาคย์)



Throughout our four years BA program, students will be encouraged to develop analytical, critical and logical rigour, enabling them to apply these skills to deeply examine those social and environmental concerns in our modern societies.
 With an entrepreneurial strand modules e.g. social innovation, accounting, finance, and economics, building upon those issues the students will be provided with opportunities to develop their social business plan as part of entrepreneurial skillset.
 Our internship opportunity will also allow them to bring a body of knowledge to a body of practice.

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