February 24, 2022

Foreign Lecturer

The School of Global Studies, Thammasat University, is recruiting a faculty member to be
appointed as a “Foreign Lecturer” outlined below.

1. Required Positions – Foreigner Lecturer 1 Position, Salary 37,120 baht.
2. Qualifications:
2.1. Holds a Doctoral Degree in Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship,
Humanities, Sociology, Business Administration, Political Science,
Economics, Arts and Design, Global Studies, Environmental Science,
Sustainability Studies, Management of Projects, Development and
Administration or other related social science disciplines. Alternatively,
holds a master’s degree and demonstrated full-time professional
experience of a minimum of three years.
2.2. Have the experience of working/managing social innovation projects and
developing networks with relevant stakeholders.
2.2 Proficiency in English language to teach, guide students, and engage in
administrative duties.
2.3 Demonstrated experience in Student-Centered Learning

– The applicant can submit the application form from February 14 – March 15, 2022.
– Download the application form from the website www.sgs.tu.ac.th (Menu—>About–>Career) from now on, then email the complete application form and other required documents to thiphapun@sgs.tu.ac.th and piriya@sgs.tu.ac.th.

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