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Join us for a transformative learning, growth, and impact journey.

Open for application ChanGOlogy Camp 10


ChanGOlogy Camp 10 - an onsite workshop for high school students who wish to explore current social issues and social innovation. For those interested, now it's your chance to explore and get to know our program, Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship at Thammasat University!

This year the GSSE ChanGology Camp 10 is in the theme  "Utopia: A Decade Of Change Making" We celebrate not only our upcoming 10th cohort but also the creativity, intuitiveness and resilience of our students. "Utopia" is carried throughout as the guideline for the design of the event, activities and workshop.
The workshop will take place on Sunday, 23rd April 2023, from 09:00 - 16:30 at the Thammasat Rangsit University, Lecture Class 1 (LC1 or บร.1), Room 208.
Fee: 200 baht
Application due: 15th of April, 2023 at Midnight 
Announcement: 17th of April, 2023 via Email 
Please note that the workshop will be conducted in English.

ChanGOlogy Camp

What is ChanGOlogy Camp?

ChanGOlogy Camp is an immersive on-campus program tailored for ambitious high school students to explore the complexities of contemporary global issues and utilize social innovations to address them. 

Led by student ambassadors of the School of Global Studies at Thammasat University, the program offers an inclusive environment to gain comprehensive knowledge and foster critical thinking. Through engaging in group discussions and on-site activities, participants can develop practical solutions to real-world problems, network with like-minded individuals, and cultivate meaningful connections. 

Join us for a transformative learning, growth, and impact journey.

Key Objectives of the ChanGOlogy Camp

The camp aims to improve participants' 21st-century skills, including their abilities to present ideas effectively, work collaboratively in teams, and solve complex problems.

To help foster social awareness and civic responsibility in high school students, helping them become engaged and responsible global citizens. 

Through various activities and discussions, participants will have opportunities to explore and develop their understanding of important social and environmental issues and their roles and responsibilities as members of their communities and the world.

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About the ChanGOlogy Camp

Over the years, ChanGOlogy Camps have delved into various themes, each with a unique emphasis:

ChanGOlogy Camp 1: "เปลี่ยน" สังคมให้ "ไป" ในทางที่ดีกว่าเดิม

ChanGOlogy Camp 2: Game of Change

ChanGOlogy Camp 3: รวมพลคนคิดมาก

ChanGOlogy Camp 4: International World Cafe

ChanGOlogy Camp 5: International Discussion

ChanGOlogy Camp 6: UN Sustainable Development Goals

ChanGOlogy Camp 7: UN Sustainable Development Goals

ChanGOlogy Camp 8:  Agriculture theme developed under “A Day as GSSE students.”

ChanGOlogy Camp 9: Wheel of Colors that represents the world's problems.

The camp's annual themes are designed to engage high school students in critical thinking, foster their intellectual curiosity, and expose them to the school’s multidisciplinary approach to learning. By exploring pressing global issues, participants gain a deeper understanding of the world and learn about potential solutions to these challenges.

ChanGOlogy Camps provide an excellent opportunity for prospective students to experience the School of Global Studies and its dynamic learning environment.

ChanGOlogy Camp 10

Are you ready to witness the power of change-makers? Join us on Sunday, April 23rd, 2023, as we celebrate the 10th cohort of ChanGOlogy Camp. This year's theme is "Utopia: A Decade of Change Making," where we will commemorate the past and look towards the future. ChanGOlogy Camp has always inspired and empowered our students to create positive change in their communities. With ten years of experience, we have seen our students go on to achieve incredible things, from starting their businesses to becoming community leaders.

The concept of "Utopia" embodies the spirit of ChanGOlogy. It represents our students' vision for a better future where everyone has equal opportunities and social justice prevails. We will explore this theme through various activities, workshops, and daily talks. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we invite you to join us in recognizing the remarkable achievements of our students and their significant contributions to society. We are excited to showcase our students' creativity, ingenuity, and resilience. They drive change, make a difference, and create a better world for all of us. 

Participants will have the opportunity to:

Engage in meaningful discussions with Thai and international students worldwide about social issues

Improve your English language skills

Practice, learn, and adopt design thinking into your problem-solving skills to enhance your critical thinking

Make new friends from both Thai and international backgrounds

Gain first-hand experience and an overview of the School of Global Studies BA program

If you want to explore the world’s problems and experience life as a GSSE student, please register here: 

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