Dr. Prapaporn Tivayanond Mongkhonvanit, Assistant Professor


Email: prapaporn@sgs.tu.ac.th

Areas of Specialization & Concentration

Asst. Prof. Prapaporn Tivayanond Mongkhonvanit is the Dean of the School of Global Studies at Thammasat University.
She was a Board Member of the National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand and the Founding Director of Social Policy and Development (SPD) International Programme at Thammasat University. Prapaporn is currently leading  the SDG Lab at the School of Global Studies, and is working on promoting a vital connection between localization and globalization under the SDGs. 

Prapaporn conducts research in areas of social protection. She has researched the connection between Thailand’s welfare scheme and the informal sector, paying particular attention to OTOP producers and Thailand’s social entrepreneurship. She has also conducted studies in Thailand’s early childhood care and education. Her study for UNRISD was on Thailand’s universal health scheme. She has also worked on fair trade issues in Thailand, and is now researching on shared values, social bonds, and social policy innovation.


TU 102 Social Life Skills

SPD 202 Social Problems and Social Changes

SPD 207 Social Policy: Theories and Practices

SPD 307 Theories of Social Policy and Development

SPD 312 Comparative Welfare States

SPD 416 Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

SPD 418 Development and Social Welfare Project

นบส 802 Theory and Process of Social Policy


1. Mongkhonvanit P. et al. (2020) Thailand’s Senatorial Selection Process during 2018. Paper presented at the National and International Academic Conference on Innovation and Management for Sustainability, Bangkok, Thailand, pp.1879-1886.

2. MongkhonvanitTivayanond, P. and Hanvoravongchai (March 2017), The Impact of Universalization: A Case Study onThailand’s Social Protection and Universal Health Coverage (Chapter 5) in Yi, I. (Ed.) Towards Universal Health Care in Emerging Economies,” Palgrave.

3. Tivayanond, P. (2017), Pathways to Accessible, Affordable and Gender-Responsive Childcare Provision: The Case of Migrant Workers in Thailand, ICSP: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Ph.D. (Social Policy)

University of Oxford, UK



M.A. (International Relations)

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


B.A. (International Relations)

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


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