Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Email: dipendra@sgs.tu.ac.th
Phone: +66 02 986 9216 Ext. 4371
Meeting Appointment: https://bit.ly/meet-dipendra

Courses taught

Undergraduate Courses
GS 232 Globalization Flows (Co-Teaching)
GS 260 Designing Organizations
GS 283 Technology for Developing Countries
SPD 206 Business and Social Development (Co-Teaching)

Graduate Courses
GS 613 Designing Organizations for Impact
GS 742 Practical Approach to Research Methods
GS 763 Society, Innovation, and Sustainable Development





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Conference Paper:


  1. K C, D. (2018). Voluntary Turnover Management Challenges in Startup Social Enterprises: A case of Wedu Global. NIDA International Conference for Case Studies on Development Administration 2018, pp. 44-61
  2. K C, D. & Promphakping, B. (2015). Governance of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Thailand: Preliminary Survey Findings. International Conference on ASEAN Studies. Organized by Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, pp. 1-15



Impact of COVID-19 on Civil Society Organizations, 2020
Co-Chair, ISTR 11th Asia Pacific Regional Conference, 2019
Determinants of Nonprofit Innovation in Nepal awarded under Thammasat University’s Young Research Fund, 2018
Young Researcher of the Year, Thammasat University, 2018


Ph.D. in Development Administration

National Institute for Development Administration


Master in Rural Development Management

Khon Kaen University


Bachelors of Arts in Sociology & Rural Development

Tribhuvan University


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