Graduate Program


At the School of Global Studies' graduate program we emphasize academic research from both our faculty and students. If you are interested in our programs or in research in various area of Social Innovation and Sustainability feel free to explore our faculty's and student's past and current research projects.

Faculty Research

 Determinants of innovation in NGOs

Dr. Dipendra KC

 Making sense of energy transition in Thailand

Dr. Santi Jintamanaskoon

Right to Education of Muslim Transgender: A Case Study of Pesantren Waria Senin-Kamis, Indonesia 

Dr. Altaf Rahman

 Assessing citizen level of satisfaction with local government service delivery in Ethiopia: Adopting the expectancy disconfirmation model

Dr. Pramod KC

 Buffalo Field: Cultural renewal in Nang Lerng, Bangkok

Dr. Michael Hornblow

 Cracking concrete for other building possibilities

Dr. Pryor Placino

Thinking through gentrification: definition, dynamics, and emerging insights from the field

Napong Tao Rugkhapan

Making Sustainability Less WEIRD: Potential Directions for Research into Sustainable Consumption Behaviours

Neil Gains

Disease-Trap Diplomacy: A New Twist to China’s Belt-Road Initiative?

Matthew O'Lemmon

An international development perspective on rural social entrepreneurship in Taiwan and Thailand

Istvan Rado

Effectiveness in developing the potential of fortune tellers in Thailand to be mental health care counsellors by proxy

Piya Pangsapa

Migrant education in Thailand: An analysis of life outcomes of students from migrant learning centers in Ranong province

Amy Mowry

Activism in the Pandemic: Impact and Response of Nepalese Civil Society Organisations during COVID-19

Dipendra KC

Sustaining the Livelihoods of Thai Waste Pickers in the Midst of COVID-19

Alex Kaufman 

Media, Information, and Digital Literacy Indicators for Advocating Democratic Citizenship of Thai Elderly

Phithakasak Thisaphak

Delivery Drivers and Solidarity on Bangkok Streets

Daniel McFarlane

Financing Social Enterprises [SEs] and Venture Capital for Social Business StartUps

Santi Jintamanasakoon

Implementing Design in the Thai Public Sector 

Jett Virangkabutra

Social distancing? ‘No problem!’: Explaining Thailand’s Successful Containment of COVID-19

Piya Pangsapa

Age-Friendly City Policy in Thailand  

Altafur Rahman
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