Associate Professor
Matthew Eric O’Lemmon, Ph.D





Research Interest

Matthew O’Lemmon is an associate professor at the School of Global Studies, Thammasat University, Thailand. As an anthropologist with experience throughout Southeast Asia, he has worked on projects related to post-war conflict and religious nationalism. His other interests include artificial intelligence and the role of technology in cultural change.

Courses Taught

GS 210 People, Groups and Networks
GS 220 Philosophy and Religion for Global Citizenship
GS 237 Cities and Globalization
GS 270 Power, Strategy and Social Change

GS 601 Introduction to Global Systems

Research & Publications

O’Lemmon, Matthew. (2020). The Technological Singularity as a Process and not an Event. Submitted to: Time and Mind, 03 February 2020.


O’Lemmon, Matthew. (2019). Eighth International Conference on Advancement of Development Administration—Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies (the 8th ICADA 2019—SSIS): “The Multidisciplinary Edge in the Disruptive World”, 23 May 2019, Bangkok, Thailand.


O’Lemmon, Matthew. (2018). Mapping Social Innovations through Social Network Theory. Southeast Asian Social Innovation Network (SEASIN), 09 Oct. 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


O’Lemmon, Matthew. (2017). Analysis of the Legacy of Conflict among International Tourists in Vietnam. In, International Journal of Tourism Anthropology, vol. 6, no. 1, Inderscience Publishers, Olney, pp. 1-17.


O’Lemmon, Matthew. (2016). A Review of ‘Tides of Empire: Merit, Morality, and Development in Rural Cambodia’, by Courtney Work. In, Dissertation Reviews, pp. 1-2.


Ph.D. (Social Anthropology)

University of Edinburgh, UK



M.A. (Anthropology)

California State University, USA


B.A. (History)

The University of Oklahoma, USA


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