Rambler Competing the in Final Round, Representing Thailand, in the Global Competition by Sasin













Congratulations!Rambler team for representing Thailand in the global round and being one of the finalists for the sustainability award in the BBC (Bangkok Business Challenge) Global Competition by Sasin School of Management.

It has been three months of a long and challenging journey for “Rambler” to join the BBC (Bangkok Business Challenge), one of the most prestigious startup competitions and Asia’s Longest-Running Global Student Startup Competition. More than 242 teams were joining from 26 countries. Rambler won the first runner-up for the national round and got to be one of the six finalist teams in the global round. (2 teams from Hong Kong, 1 from Sweden, 1 from the UK, 1 from France, and our Thailand Rambler team.) Moreover, they were selected to be one of the four teams to compete for the sustainability awards.

Rambler is a social enterprise that aims to connect organic farmers with consumers in the city. The team found the consumers’ pain point that healthy organic drink was still lacking in the market, while farmers also wanted to find a channel to sell organic local vegetables and fruits. Therefore, Rambler came up with the idea of “GreenSmooth,” an organic smoothie freshly blended and sold through an automatic vending machine. Rambler is committed to making people healthy by serving organic smoothies and helping local farmers, and improving the environment at the same time.

We hope that Rambler will continue making an impact on society and the environment. This competition might be the beginning, yet great progress for their business. Their success and passion have proved that the concept of running the business and creating social impact is legit! #Rambler #GreenSmooth #Sustainability #Finalist #BBC



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