April 10, 2022

ChanGOlogy Camp 8

ChanGOlogy Camp 8 finalized with good time and happiness!!

On Saturday, 9th April, the GSSE program’s Student Ambassadors and the G-Force team had collaboratively organized the long-waited, exciting, wonderful on-site ChanGOlogy workshop—this year being its 8th consecutive year already! This time, as many as 25 selected high school students from many different schools joined to participate and did activities together in Rangsit campus

At the workshop, students were encouraged to get into dynamic groups and coached by GSSE students on topics related to ‘Farmers and Agriculture’. Groups spent time discussing, exchanging personal knowledge, experience, and analyses of the issue. During their fiery and fun discussions, students were also introduced to essential social concepts such as sustainable city planning, NGO, minimum wage, unions, citizenship, for example. Towards afternoon, groups brainstormed to come up with innovative solutions to social issues and presented them to everyone. They had made new friendships and acquired new skills and perspectives on social change and social entrepreneurship.

Before the wrap-up, participants had the chance to enjoy a talk given by our guest speaker @Rambler founder (P’Built from Cohort 4), asked questions, before leaving the camp all-inspired.

ChanGOlogy Camp will be held every year to inspire high school students who are passionate about social change. Thanks to the incredible GSSE Student Ambassadors and G-Force for creating good time and memories this year!

More photos https://www.facebook.com/SGSThammasat/posts/7800373846647185



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