Enroll in Thammasat University’s Doctor of Social Innovation and Sustainability program now

The Doctor of Social Innovation and Sustainability is a pioneering program of the School of global studies that tries to leverage the interdisciplinary studies available at Thammasat University. 

The program provides comprehensive academic instruction on social innovation, public affairs, corporate responsibility, and organizational management.

The Ph.D. program will provide an open environment for critical dialogue, highly interactive with workshops, seminars, case studies, subject experts and practitioners engaging in the discussion of key concepts, theories, frameworks, and emerging ideas for creating, developing, and enabling social innovation in the public, private and social sectors in the region. 

Our program offers students a global perspective on opportunities. With our dedicated and knowledgeable faculty, students can delve into their chosen field of interest while benefiting from the expertise of our faculty members, who excel in diverse areas at the international forefront.

Our guest lecturers and partnership come from sectors such as international organizations like United Nations Development Program, UN Escap and non-profit organizations and social enterprises like C Junction, Partners Asia, Givers Network, Impact 46, and Thailand’s marketing research society. The partnership underpinning this doctorate program is pivotal because it allows us to work across sectors and connect data and experience. 

We are inviting researchers, practitioners, and learners interested in aspects of innovation and sustainability to extend their work at the practical and policy levels with social problems at hand, whether they’re in covid 19, PM 2.5, or even natural disasters. Therefore, it’s very relevant to have this knowledge about sustainability and innovation to tackle the social problems at hand in today’s world.

Click link https://sgs.tu.ac.th/graduate/ to learn more about our MA and Ph.D. program and take the first step towards your career goals. For any queries, email graduate@sgs.tu.ac.th



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