Field trip at Suan Sampran – GS262 Social Branding and Marketing

On November 16th, GSSE Junior or Cohort 7 went to Suan Sampran (Patom Organic) at Nakornpathom as a part of the GS 262 Social Branding and Marketing field trip. 🌳🌾🌟

🧐 What is the GS 262 “Social Branding and Marketing” course about? 

This course introduces the importance of branding and marketing in social enterprise and social innovation projects. Where students will learn concepts, techniques, and methods necessary for a successful branding and marketing campaign. International cases, examples, and practices will be introduced. Moreover, a strong emphasis will be placed on ethical issues behind branding and marketing.

What activities did Cohort 7 experience? 

In one day, students get to know more about Suan Sampran from its Social Enterprise model that uses a circular economy and sustainable practice throughout the process 🔁. Starting from planting organic fruits and vegetables 🌱, cooking at the restaurant 👩‍🍳 and selling traceable organic skincare products 👐. Also, Khun Anak Navaraj give a presentation about the “Patom Organic Living” brand strategies and stories in creating an identity. The fun parts of this field trip are the rice planting, making Thai dessert and seeing the organic planting. This is a memorable moment for all Cohort 7 students. 

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