GSSE Experience – Internship at Wildchain, N’Ice


GSSE student’s highlight – An internship experience at Wildchain, N’Ice


Ice is a marketing associate intern in the position of a content creator. Wildchain’s mission is to create a world where more people are aware of the threats facing our wildlife and are empowered to take action daily. They want to stop the mass extinction—in which they believe that if we do nothing, the wildlife will disappear—by advocating through gameplays.

What is the biggest lesson you learned from interning at this company?

  • As I am very introverted, I am often not comfortable asking questions. I am a person who if I can figure it out myself, then I would not ask people. But up to this point, I am not scared of asking questions, because if I don’t ask, I might misunderstand them. So I learn that it is better to ask rather than to think by myself about what they need.
  • Do not get discouraged from criticism or feedback. Always bear in mind that nobody wants to hurt your feelings or be biased about your work. They want you to produce quality work. Remember that you are here not only to serve their needs but also to learn, so take every feedback as an opportunity to improve.
  • I know more about video editing, which is not directly related to the position I applied for. Life is about the learning process, so let’s take advantage of working in diverse roles. You don’t know what you can do until you finish it, and then you realise you can do it, too. I learned that the only barrier there is, is myself.


What skill did you use or learn that was very beneficial to the work you did?

  • Communication skills. As our company is really small, there is only one person responsible for the marketing team. There are only two people for game designers. So I had to jump into different positions and roles. Sometimes, game designers would use jargon. So I need to be brave to ask questions and communicate within the team.
  • Doing creative content writing, In SGS, we learned about academic writing, but at Wildchain, you need to create fancy words, which is different from SGS.


What’s a wow moment while you were interning there?

It was the time when I met with another team in person. I often feel uncomfortable meeting new people, but the first meeting went well. It was very chill and warmhearted. Someone working at Social Giver offers lots of drinks and food and he is so kind as to pay for the meal.


If you could choose one position to work in this company, what would it be and why?

Game designer. Because the character in the game is adorable. There is the only one who designs the game mechanics and draws everything. Every detail needs to be perfect—for instance, tree character, or when the character moves their legs. Moreover, the game designer is very smart. Even though he specializes in design, he is also an expert in design thinking.


Who is suitable for this organization or suitable for this position?

A person who is self-driven. Because the organization is a close culture, and it means that no one will push you. They don’t have a solid deadline, but they want the intern to finish fast. They make a lot of constructive criticism and are straightforward. They would say, “Ice, it might be better if you do it this way. You should read more, here is the source.” They are straightforward, so you have to be aware of this. If not, you may feel discouraged.




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