Unforgettable Memories, Endless Connections: GSSE International Day 2023 Sparks Cultural Bonds

The GSSE International Day 2023 is hosted by the GSSE International Student Club of Thammasat University School of Global Studies! This fantastic event was held with a lively combination of delicious cuisine, thrilling activities, and captivating performances. Students and teachers from various faculties and six countries – Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, the USA, and the Philippines – gathered for a celebration.
The food-tasting activity was a huge hit, providing a taste of unique and delectable dishes from each country. From Cambodia’s “Nom Banh Jok,” a delightful noodle dish, to Myanmar’s tasty “Moat Hin Gar,” there was something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.
Students showcased their rich cultural traditions through dazzling performances. The display of traditional clothing on the runway gave a glimpse of the vibrant outfits and the stories behind them.
The event was all about creating engaging and inclusive experiences. A fun Jeopardy game challenged our knowledge of the participating students, while traditional games and dancing immersed us in different cultures. It was a joyous occasion that brought students from diverse backgrounds together to appreciate the beauty of our diversity.

The GSSE International Day 2023 was a huge success, promoting diversity and encouraging cultural understanding. It left us with lasting memories and a greater appreciation for the beauty of different cultures.



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