GSSE students from Cohort 8 deliver their CBLI1 final presentations in Khon Kaen province, and Udon Thani province.

On June 24th, the GSSE students and lecturers from Cohort 8 were engaging in a community development activity through ‘planting valuable trees’ in a recently reclaimed land area, in order to grow future community forest.
And the next day, on the 25th, students regathered at Baan Huay Yang’s community learning center to deliver their final presentations on the learnings and experiences from the three-week community immersion while living with loving host families (whom they called Mothers and Fathers) in 5 different villages in Khon Kaen province, and Udon Thani province.
Students have learned valuable first-hand lessons about community development, and applied the tools taught in the CBLI 1 (Community-based Learning Initiative 1) class—such as Appreciative Inquiry, and Asset-based Community Development—to look at the local resources and opportunities from a developmental perspective. They presented many possible ideas to utilize or optimize community’s resources, asset, and talents. Finally, they are now able to bridge their understanding of sustainability and SDGs to local lifestyles.
GSSE students and hosts bid farewell and exchanged their love before returning to Bangkok on 26th.
We look forward to the next year of fun and memorable community immersion!
More photos: @SGSThammasat



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