In an aspiring display of talent and dedication, Thammasat University’s the School of Global Studies has once again proven its commitment to fostering the growth of exceptional individuals. Two remarkable students, Ada Auyeung, and Natruedee Krishnabhakdi, were selected to represent Thailand as student ambassadors at a prestigious event held at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. The Sociovation Forum 2023, attended by participants from across the 10 ASEAN countries, showcased youth’s exceptional capabilities and leadership qualities. This event aimed to address critical challenges within the ASEAN region – internet fraud, hate speech, fake news – providing an opportunity for students to collaborate and devise innovative solutions to pressing social issues. 

Ada’s project showcased her vision of shielding seniors from phishing scams in Singaporean communities. Her team project revolved around safeguarding the hard-earned money of seniors susceptible to these harmful acts. They crafted implementation plans for several activities within the scope and were selected as 1 of the 4 teams to showcase their project. Ada’s strategic approach to problem-solving and leadership skills highlights the depth of her impact within the larger community. 

Natruedee’s project centered around the pervasive issue of fake news, which has far-reaching implications in our digitally connected world. What makes Natruedee’s story truly remarkable is the extent to which she and her team went to understand the nuances of the problem entirely. Beyond the confines of the classroom, they ventured into the heart of the Geylang community, listening to the stories and grasping the real fears and challenges faced by migrant workers.

Both students acknowledged the guidance and expertise of Professor Phithaksak, which was instrumental in shaping the direction of their journey. At GSSE, education goes beyond learning about global issues and problems. Students are expected to identify needs and proactively take action to address those needs. GSSE’s community has the collective experience and expertise to guide, challenge, and support students. 

Congratulations to Ada and Natruedee on their remarkable achievements, and here’s to more GSSE students stepping into leadership roles and effecting meaningful change in the world.

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