Interesting footage from CBLI 1 (Community-based Learning Initiative 1)!!

CBLI1 is a course where students get to explore and immerse themselves into a local community for three weeks to learn about what’s happening outside of urban environments. The real experiences gained from this course can be connected with students’ wider understanding of globalization and development, and how they translate and affect people’s livelihoods in the communities.
This year Cohort 8 students spent 21 days living and working with villagers in Khon Kaen and Chachoengsao.
Let’s look at how this impressive memories unfold with Baan Huay Yang’s group.
Link for VDO:  @SGSThammasat
Big thanks to the fun content creators:
@sandsart_ (Sand)
@pmt_pprim (Prim)
@poypablo777 (Poy)
@tatafindingnemo (Cheetah)
@urimmia_ (Imaim)
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