Internship at POMELO experience – Nittaya Weesommai (Nittha)


What company did you intern at? 

Pomelo Fashion Company

Why did you choose to intern at this company? 

I’m interested in the fashion industry and interning at a fashion tech company. I believe that this company will grow quite fast and will lead me to have a good job in this field.

What is the biggest lesson you learned from interning at this company? 

Being an intern here requires working at a fast pace. We have to be very responsible for our tasks and be on time to not affect other departments. For example, I was working as a producer in the studio production team. If I contacted the models late or couldn’t have a location booked by a given time, then it would affect the entire marketing schedules and the launch date.

What skill did you use or learn that was very beneficial to the work you did? 

Communication skills: As a team, we would have daily meetings, and I  would communicate with many departments—such as marketing, art director, models. It was important to communicate clearly and well with other departments. We have to make sure people are on the same page. However, I would say that doing many projects and attending different clubs in GSSE had helped me a lot with communication skills as an intern. Furthermore, the internship trained me to be better with time management. I already had some of these skills, but they further developed through my working at Pomelo.

What’s the WOW moment while you were interning there?

Attending the meeting with the founder would be a WOW moment for me. His thinking impressed me. He is always one step ahead in the fashion industry in Thailand. For example, Pomelo has developed the application and website as a commercial platform specifically for fashion to help other brands sell their products. Now the application has become a market for many fashion brands in Thailand.

Who is suitable for this organization and this position?

A self-motivated person. A person with a passion for fashion. A person who can think fast, and be a fast learner and be adaptive.

Any advice to students wanting to intern at Pomelo?

I would advise students to create and revise their profiles before applying to any company in the position they want to do. The company normally prefers people who have more tactile skills than just the skills they ask for. Real-life experience is significant when applying as an intern, so get yourself out there and keep learning from those experiences. I would recommend Pomelo to GSSE juniors if they want to intern here. It is a really good fashion company in Thailand to intern, and you will learn a lot from here!



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