May 25, 2022

Internship at Socialgiver – Stang Cohort 5

🔸 What company did you intern at?
🔹 I was an intern in Socialgiver in a partnership executive position. Socialgiver is a Thai social enterprise platform that turns the space capacity of businesses, such as unbooked hotel rooms and unreceived seats in restaurants, into services on the platform. This creates a win-win-win model for all parties; the first win is the business part. They will donate their available services or resources and let the Socialgiver turn them into discounts or cards to encourage consumers to buy the services on the Socialgiver platform. Businesses will donate 70% of their proceeds to social projects Socialgiver selected to help. The second win is that the Socialgiver platform will use another 30% to support the marketing and platform optimization to better satisfy all users. In doing so, Socialgiver selects social projects based on whether they can create a long-term impact on the society. The third win is the people and users. Socialgiver tries to balance between giving out and satisfying people’s lifestyles. For example, the customers can buy and give through whatever they want to their food and trips of their choice, while their spendings go to support partner businesses and social projects.
🔸 Why did you choose to intern at this company?
🔹 I wanted to leverage this internship as an opportunity to explore the real social enterprise field. Almost all GSSE students are familiar with ‘Social enterprises,’ but I would like to know how this business works from firsthand experience. Also, Socialgiver is a platform that I thought was interesting, and I wondered how shopping can be a means to generate money and impact back to society and give businesses benefits.
🔸 What is the biggest lesson you learned from interning at this company? And what skill that you learned that was very beneficial to the work you did?
🔹 To be honest, I’m introverted and do not feel comfortable talking with people I am not familiar with. Before the internship, I couldn’t imagine myself talking to too many people and trying to convince them about something. This internship allowed me to speak to a lot of people from diverse fields of businesses, That being said, the biggest lesson that has benefited me is improvement on my speaking skill, especially the sales-talk and how to encourage people to join in with us. I also improved my research and analytic skills; since we needed to understand why other partners would want to join us, and that we must research and talk to them.
🔸 What’s a WOW moment while you were interning there?
🔹 The positive energy from the team! We had a catch-up meeting every morning where all colleagues came up with positive vibes and shared some fun topics. There will also be every weekly update from the team. I felt that what I was doing could create an impact on society—this feeling also boosts me up whenever I feel lost. The more revenue we can generate, the more we can give back to society. When I had a chance to know about the revenue we created, what impact we made, that’s the moment I felt most proud of myself.
🔸 If you could choose one position to work in this company, what would it be and why?
🔹 I would like to take a chance and work in the marketing position. I want to learn more about how they work—gaining working experiences, techniques, and learning the culture of another department. Also, I want to apply what I learned from GSSE and make Thai people better understand and adopt the concept of Social Enterprise.
🔸 Anything else you want to share with people about your experience?
🔹 As I mentioned about Socialgiver when you guys read this, you might be curious to know what it is and how it impacts our society. There is nothing to add more on my experiences, but I would like you guys to explore the experience and enjoy it the same way I did. If you love to shop and search for exclusive deals, while also like being a supporter in creating impact, don’t hesitate to find more information on:
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