January 24, 2022

Internship experience at PATOM Organic living – Nattida Chuaykaew (NAT)


Nat- Patom Organic Living


What company did you intern at? 

I had an internship at Patom Organic Living, in which they have a cafe in Thonglor and a space for the community where people can go and attend workshops with them. Patom Organic Living is mainly about sustainable, organic products and aligns with organic living.


Why did you choose to intern at this company? 

I’m very interested in sustainable farming- and organic-related things. They have organized the production quite well, and everything is nice. So, I looked for the opportunity to work with them, and they really welcomed Klom and me.


What is the biggest lesson you learned from interning at this company? 

The biggest thing that I’ve learned is that a supportive team will reflect on your work performance. I’m lucky to have a good supervisor and a supportive team that know we’re internship students and help us a lot. If we need help or get confused about something, they’ll say “this one is this one” and “reach out for help if you need”.

Another thing I want to mention is that creativity is really important. If you have creativity, then your work will be outstanding. In addition, when you try out your creativity, other people will listen to you and take your thoughts into the work.

For example, when the Covid situation had gotten bad again, Patom tried promoting and selling things more on social media. I try to suggest to them: “Okay, they have this trend we can catch up with on social media” and provide my idea on how we can do that. They were surprised and mentioned that they had not tried it before.


What skill did you use or learn in GSSE that was very beneficial to the work you did? 

So, the skills I used and learned were communication skills, time management skills, and creativity.

I worked as a content creator, online marketing, and social media. People spend their time more on social media, and we have more competitors that come to sell things online. Therefore, we needed to point out to our audience with our creativity that these are some of the unique things you can buy from Patom.

Before the lockdown, Patom asked me to reach out to a magazine, and I had to negotiate with them about the price and used formal communication skills. As for time management, to get engagement from more people, we needed to manage the time well. For example, when we had to post content, I needed to make sure everything was prepared. We had to plan for the week and the month. If there was a new trend, we had to be ready to catch up on them.

Additionally, writing skills and persuasive skills are what I learned from the GSSE. I had to keep the article short and catchy to attract the readers.


What’s a wow moment while you were interning there?

At first, I thought Patom was just a farm and a cafe, but it turned out they were doing everything along the entire value chain.

They can make every system on the farm valuable. They care about people working on the farms and their products. Additionally, my workplace, my office, is very beautiful and relaxing. Oftentimes, people would think that I am going to the cafe every day. But it is my workplace.

Everything they do is impressive. They have farmers in their system from different parts of the country. They also have strong core values to be organic, sustainable, and they hold their value very well. Their core values can help build loyalty with their customers.


If you could choose one position to work in this company, what would it be and why?

I would continue working as a content creator and social media because I love to express and share what I see as valuable to other people.

I also want to try working in product development, because as I mentioned before, Patom does many things and keeps coming up with new products. So, I want to be a part of this position. I want to try out content in Japanese because we have many Japanese customers. And lastly, I wish to create an event for families in their free time to come and play and do activities in the cafe.


Who is suitable for this organization or suitable for this position?

If you love to be creative or are interested in online marketing, it will help you know how it works in reality.

Someone open-minded and flexible would fit this role. My supervisor did not check on the time when I came to work. She would instead check on your performances. If you arrive at 11 am, and your work is good, that’s fine. I’m also allowed to work either at home or the office, depending on where you feel most comfortable working.


Anything else you want to share with people about your experience?

You’d really love working with other organizations while still being a student. That’s because you can try anything you want, and if you made a mistake, they will not blame you. It is a place and an opportunity to learn and try out what you want without feeling too much pressure. So, if our juniors have a chance to go for an internship, go and experience for yourself. Whether you like it or not, you will know yourself more.




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