March 30, 2022

Joint session between Okayama University and School of Global Studies

As part of the course GS230: Introduction to Global Studies GSSE students joined together with students from the School of Economics / Discovery Program, Okayama University, to explore shared social issues faced by both Japan and Thailand and possible solutions. First session on 8 March: After two short lectures by Prof. Ken Aoo (on the socio-economic contexts of Japan and Thailand) and Aj Istvan Rado (on social entrepreneurship and the SE context in both countries), students from both sides joined together in 10 zoom breakout rooms to

1) introduce their respective countries (Japan and Thailand), incl. 3 pressing social issues.

2) Choose one issue shared by both countries

Before the 2nd session on 22 March both sides of each group were asked to develop 2-3 proposals to tackle the issue in the other country’s context.
On 22 March the students from both institutions joined again in the breakout rooms to present their solutions and gather feedback for improvement from the other side. Each group was then asked to present either 1 proposed solution or 2 solutions from either country representatives in the main zoom session.



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