August 26, 2021

MAS courses Highlight – Ajarn Neil Gains, PhD.

In MA in Social Innovation and Sustainability, Thammasat Univerity, there will be several interesting courses for you to explore on social innovation and sustainability. In these courses, different topics and learning approaches are integrated and delivered under one single focus — to equip our MAS students with a diversity of knowledge, perspectives and practical experiences. We believe that the incubation throughout the MAS program years will serve as strong foundations, and a catalyst for the student’s academic and professional life.

Below are the two highlighted courses taught by one of our MAS program lecturers, ‘Dr. Neil Gains’ We highly recommend you to have a look!


GS752 Behavioural Economics for Sustainability:

Behavioural Economics for Sustainability focuses on the psychology of behaviour change. All social innovation requires individual people to change their behaviour, and this course focuses on the triggers and barriers of changing behaviour.

The focus is on understanding the psychology of individual people and the impact of the environment in shaping behaviour using a range of case studies and examples from many fields including those that focus on sustainable behaviours.

It teaches some key insights from behavioural science and social psychology which help students understand social innovation and sustainability in terms of human behaviour.

The class is a mixture of lectures, group discussion, and exercises that ask students to apply learnings to specific sustainable behaviours. Over the course, students develop a communication / intervention campaign to address a specific behavioural challenge.

All social innovation requires behaviour change, and the course better equips students to understand the psychology behind such change.


GS621 Seminar on Social Innovation and Sustainability

Seminar on Social Innovation and Sustainability focuses on equipping students with cultural and organisational intelligence, helping them to manage and adapt to working in different teams, organisations and across cultures.

The focus is on collaborating on a social innovation project with an external organization, while teaching a range of cross-cultural theory and practice as well as soft skills that help students maximise the impact of their collaborations.

Students learn a variety of approaches to understanding cultural differences, between people, organisations and national cultures, that give them concepts and practical tools to deal with different situations and different approaches to working.

Almost one-half of student’s time is devoted to working with partners on their social innovation projects, with the rest devoted to interactive teaching and workshop activities to practice practical skills.

The course acts as an introduction to working in the real world with multicultural organisations, agile working patterns, and collaborations at the heart of successful careers.

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ขอเชิญเข้าร่วมกิจกรรมสนทนาแลกเปลี่ยน ‘ยุคนี้…ทำไมต้องหลักสูตรอินเตอร์’

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