MAS lecturers & course Highlight: ‘Dr. Matthew O’Lemmon, Associate Professor’

After having introduced some of the courses from the MAS program, we would like to present to you another course which will help you understand more about the global systems in an overview. In this course, students will get to see in a holistic perspective of the world’s many issues, and to utilize this critical understanding in building a sound and complete social innovation.

At the MAS program, our different topics and learning approaches are integrated and delivered under one single focus — to equip our MAS students with a diversity of knowledge, perspectives and practical experiences. We believe that the incubation throughout the MAS program years will serve as strong foundations, and a catalyst for the student’s academic and professional life.

Below are is the ‘Introduction to Global Systems’ course taught by one of our MAS program lecturers, ‘Dr. Matthew O’Lemmon, Associate Professor’ We highly recommend you to have a look!

GS 601: Introduction to Global Systems

GS 601, Introduction to Global Systems, covers a wide range of global issues including health, education, and economic development with specific focus on regional examples around the world.

This course covers global issues in general while also taking students’ different backgrounds into consideration. With various backgrounds which have ranged from business to technology, the course tries to thoroughly incorporate their experiences to shed light on some of the nuances of the issues covered. With this, students will be able to expand their knowledge and widen their perspectives.

The course also prepares students to familiarize themselves with extensive writing that is part of any graduate program. Scheduled for six weeks, class is mainly discussion-based with students presenting their papers and the specific issues they identified from the readings. Students are required to complete a five-page paper each week covering that week’s topics. Moreover, all students are expected to participate and take an active role in the class.

Students can utilize their knowledge and perspective learned in this course through presenting their opinions in a concise and clear manner with their written work and oral presentations. Processing wide-ranging materials in a limited time and being able to defend one’s position on complex, multifaceted issues are needed tools in today’s globalized economy. Given the duration of the course and breadth of subject matter, this course will prepare students to meet these needs and the challenges of analytical careers.


Learn more about the MAS program: https://sgs.tu.ac.th/ma-sgs/
Learn more about Ajarn Matthew O’Lemmon: https://sgs.tu.ac.th/matthew-olemmon/



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