The opinion that reflects to the MAS program from one of our MAS alumni

This is the opinion that reflects to the MAS program from one of our MAS alumni.


This program is a perfect mixture of different courses. It introduces and dives into a wide variety of topics that help the students to understand different issues holistically, to strategize sustainable solutions, and create a positive impact on society
Throughout the MAS’s course, every day was a new learning day for me. The whole idea of blending together conceptual and experimental learnings made it a very productive academic environment.
In essence, the classroom was filled with professionals, and we were actively trying to learn, discuss and solve real world problems. The diverse perspectives, ever-progressing discussions, and the ongoing search for innovative sustainable solutions are what made it even more interesting.
Relevantly, one thing that the program has given me and which I believe has helped me to stand out from the crowd is the change in mindset. After my study here, I have become more open-minded, and now look at problems from a different perspective. I always try to find sustainable solutions towards things, and be as inclusive of others as possible. These changes in behavior aren’t only seen during my professional decision-making moments, but also in simple things such as grocery shopping. That is, the course has enlightened me with different concepts and tools that are useful on a day-to-day basis.
To simply put, the things that I have learned from the MAS program and the change that it has brought on me, have, for me, been a completely incomparable experience.
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