Office Closure Due to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 and the new safety regulations, our Rangsit and Tha Prachan campus offices will be closed from today until January 17th, 2021. Our offices will be opening again on January 18th, 2021.
In the meanwhile, below is the contact information of all departments within The School of Global Studies. Our team will be operating remotely during our normal office hours.
– SGS Secretary: 096-952-5387 (chanjira.k@sgs.tu.ac.th)
– SGS General Management: 086-387-8948 (thiphapun@sgs.tu.ac.th)
– Student Affair Department: 090-116-4448 (thanongsak@sgs.tu.ac.th)
– Academic Affair Department: 088-213-4860 (aketanach@sgs.tu.ac.th), 081-411-1444 (supitsara@sgs.tu.ac.th)
– Finance Department: 084-679-2798 (kuntiwa@sgs.tu.ac.th)
– Research Department: 083-235-4499 (viparnit@sgs.tu.ac.th), 063-227-6259 (sutima@sgs.tu.ac.th)
– Academic Service: 063-227-6259 (sutima@sgs.tu.ac.th)
– Tha Prachan Office: 090-493-7208 (wilawan@sgs.tu.ac.th)
For other inquiries, please email info@sgs.tu.ac.th
Stay safe.



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