February 4, 2022

GSSE : Chitchat with Alumni Session

On Wednesday, 26th January, we had invited seven GSSE alumni to come together for the first time after their graduation since 2018 – 2021! ✨
This event hence had become the first ever (online) session where a group of alumni became reunited again officially. Thanks to Nook from cohort 1; Jinny, Moh and Mook from cohort 2; Gino from cohort 3; and Tem and Benny from cohort 4 for making this happen and reliving the GSSE atmospheres.
All of the alumni from the first four pioneering cohorts had shared the stories of how they transition from the supportive space of GSSE into the real wide world, what challenges and successes they experienced, and how they are planning to endeavor further into their future. Ever since their graduation, they have gone on to pursue their first careers in different fields, such as in well-known NGOs, social enterprises, schools, governmental agencies, private companies, family businesses and founding own social startups. Many have derived great joy in working in those fields they had chosen as they can contribute to the society in ways they aspired to. In addition, most also agree that first careers can provide a solid foundation for even greater pursuits such as a master’s degree, or a higher, more challenging position in the field, and most importantly, self-discovery.
In the end, this session has really highlighted the diversity of paths GSSE students took and explored, to eventually become established and excellent in those areas while still always maintaining rooms for career switchings and options as part of personal growth. This is what we are proud to see and hear as GSSE strives to foster global citizens who can bring impact and change in their own creative ways.
Tune in for more episodes like these in the next coming months.



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