July 21, 2021

GSSE Alumni Dew, Tem and Platoo led summer pre-program course sessions on Self-Awareness, and Design Thinking for our Cohort 8 freshmen

Dew, Teach-For-Thailand associate and a cohort 2 alumni, joined the summer pre-program course (SPPC) for Cohort 8 to lecture and facilitate discussions about ‘Self-Awareness’. The students enjoyed understanding more about this important concept, and participated in the activity of investigating themselves through emotional and self reflection.

“It is quite an honor for me to be able connect with them and share what I have learned as a working professional” Dew added, impressed by the level of energy of this new cohort.

In another session, we also had Tem and Platoo—the two very experienced alumni from cohort 4—leading the class. They were introducing and guiding SPPC students through the Design Thinking processes.

“Haven’t facilitated for a while and it’s great to be able to do it again! It was really fun and engaging to give a 3-hour session on Design Thinking to these cool folks. They are now in the virtual SPPC program and about to begin their journey at GSSE. We hope you have the best journey ahead. It wouldn’t be easy for sure, but the experience, memory, and what you’ll learn from this program is going to be very worthwhile.” said Tem, prudent yet optimistic about what is to come.



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