January 10, 2020

Systems Thinking for Social Change

On the 22nd of February, we are excited to hold a full-day workshop on Systems Analysis as part of the MA program’s new course on Disruptive Leadership and Social Transformation.  The workshop will be delivered by MOSS Consultants & Capital’s Managing Director Sander Fleuren and MOSS’ Scientific Director, Dr. Steve Kennedy, who is an Associate Professor at RSM and the Academic Director of the MSc. Global Business & Sustainability, the world’s no.1 ranked CSR Master program.

The workshop responds to how hundreds of thousands of organizations pursue responsible business objectives to tackle important and urgent societal issues such as poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation but they tend not to employ the same strategic due diligence that they would exercise for, say, new market entrance. In doing so they tend to address the symptoms of problems, which means that at best they waste valuable resources without creating meaningful change and at worst they validate the problem by creating vested stakeholder interests in its continued existence. 

Viewing ingrained socio-ecological problems from a systemic perspective allows businesses to engage them more effectively. That requires understanding the interdependencies and dynamics between all the factors that lead to unwanted system behavior and identifying the most effective leverage points to realize change. Systems Thinkers ask the question: “if everything is connected and I want things to be different – a different result or behavior of the systems around me – what do I need to influence in the interconnections between everything to realize that change?”. Businesses that adopt this dynamic mindset design various kinds of interventions at different levels so that as many people as possible benefit socially, environmentally, and economically. 

The Systems Analysis workshop helps students and business executives develop the skills and mindset of Systems Thinkers. It explores the theory of Systems Thinking and how it relates to organizational studies. Workshop participants learn the core concepts of systems analysis in a highly interactive setting, involving the basic mapping of a system using factor analysis and identifying causal loops. They learn to identify the most effective leverage points in a given system with which to nudge it towards an intended change. “Students gain a fresh perspective on how to tackle grand challenges, which will hopefully inform the choices they make in their personal and professional lives,” explains Sander. 

The workshop on February 22 at Thammasat’s Tha Prachan campus is for students in the Masters in Social Innovation and Sustainability, but a limited number of MA program applicants will be allowed to attend. Please reach out to us if you would like to know more about the Systems Analysis workshop and our collaboration with MOSS Consultants & Capital.    


Sander Fleuren – Managing Director




Sander is the Managing Director of MOSS Consultants & Capital. He is an experienced educator, specializing in course design and experiential learning for adult learners. He has taught various business-related topics as a senior lecturer at a number of universities in the Netherlands, including the Rotterdam School of Management. He is passionate about cross-sector collaboration and social entrepreneurship and has amassed practical experience in these fields in the Netherlands, Thailand, Australia, Kenya, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Nepal. 

Specialties: business modeling, experiential education, stakeholder management, entrepreneurship, nonprofit consulting, design thinking, sustainability, lean mindset 


Dr. Steve Kennedy – Scientific Director  




Steve is the Scientific Director of MOSS Consultants & Capital. He is an Associate Professor at the Rotterdam School of Management, a top-10 European business school. A specialist in sustainability, Steve is researching corporate sustainability, climate change, resilience and systems theory, and sustainability-oriented innovation within the Centre for Eco-Transformation at Erasmus University. He is also the Academic Director of, and a popular lecturer in, the MScGlobal Business & Sustainability. 

Specialties: sustainable development, sustainability-oriented innovation, systems thinking, climate change, corporate social responsibility, qualitative research methods 




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