Thammasat University recently celebrated its 89  Anniversary at the Thammasat University ThaPrachan Campus with distinguished guests, including TU Executives, esteemed alumni, representatives from various embassies, and notable figures from the private sector. Asst. Prof. Dr. Prapaporn T. Mongkhonvanit, the Dean of the School of Global Studies, actively engaged in the festivities, adding to the significance of the occasion.

As Thammasat University enters its 90th year, it aims to provide accessible education for individuals from all walks of life and cultivate visionary leaders who will shape the future. The university is proud to showcase remarkable achievements across diverse fields, including international academics, groundbreaking innovations, captivating performances, and artistic endeavors. 

Thammasat University plans to host various activities until June 2024, encompassing various domains such as sciences, academic discussions, public service initiatives, sports, art, culture, and more. The university aims to inspire individuals from all backgrounds, providing enriching experiences and opportunities. 

With 28 faculties and over 300 courses across various disciplines, Thammasat University produces high-quality graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen fields. The university offers accessible online courses and a credit banking system, recognizing the transient yet continuous nature of knowledge in today’s fast-paced world. 

Thammasat University embraces a mission that encourages lifelong learning, fostering personal growth and the development of critical thinking skills. 

The School of Global Studies: Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals

Thammasat University’s School of Global Studies is dedicated to addressing critical societal and environmental issues by pursuing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The School actively participates in initiatives centered around environmental stewardship and social responsibility, encouraging students to become global citizens who can make a lasting impact. 

The School of Global Studies is a shining example of Thammasat University’s commitment to this cause.

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