Thammasat University celebrates Thai traditions and acknowledges lecturers and senior staff members for their significant role in student well-being. The Wai Kru ceremony starts a new academic year, featuring offerings symbolizing essential values. Congrats to the academic excellence and attitude award recipients. We thank all lecturers and staff members for their fantastic work and look forward to a bright future of learning and growth.

This year’s Wai Kru Ceremony was organized by the Thammasat University Buddhism and Tradition Club, under the patronage of H.M. the Queen, on September 14, 2023. The ceremony encouraged Thai culture and traditional participation while expressing gratitude toward teachers.

At the heart of the ceremony, the School of Global Studies (SGS) moment was further enhanced when Supakorn Mattathaniggul (First) and Apichaya Tongvichit (Annie) bestowed upon our esteemed SGS professors an exquisite assortment of traditional Thai flowers, symbolizing deep respect and appreciation

Recognizing academic excellence, the university awarded academic grade excellence accolades to the following students:

Academic Grade Excellence Award Recipients:

Borey Nhim, Borey (cohort 9)
Set Kaung San, Set (Cohort 9)
Kirana Tetiwong, Kirana (Cohort 8)
Pawityada Pichaijaruveach, Ploy (Cohort 7)

Exceptional Behavior and Attitude Award:

Theethat Theerakulwanich (Cohort 9), President of GSSE Student Council

Thammasat University congratulates all recipients and participants for their unwavering dedication to academic excellence and commendable behavior. We express our gratitude to all teachers for their fantastic work.


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