The Rollercoaster Ride of Being a GSSE First-Year Student

Summer Prep: SPPC

Before things even got started, GSSE threw us into the Summer Program on Public and Corporate Environmental Management (SPPC). It was intense! We learned all the basics – the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),environmental stuff, even a field trip to get some real-world experience. It’s a fantastic way to meet your fellow GSSE peeps and bond over the whole “sustainability newbie” thing.

Building My Foundation: Thammasat University Core Courses From the first semester on, I dove into the core Thammasat University subjects. These aren’t just boring lectures, though.They’re all about giving you the skills you actually need in the 21st century. I learned about civic engagement, which is super important if I want to make a difference later on. There’s also this whole theme at Thammasat called “Life and Sustainability,” which blew my mind – it’s all about how humans and the planet are connected. Plus, I got to sharpen my digital skills and problem-solving in a course called “Digital Skills and Problem Solving.” Super helpful! And let’s not forget “Self-development and Management,” which basically teaches me how to adult – essential for surviving student life!

Developing My Global Lens: Digging Deeper Semester two is where things get really interesting. I took “Foundations of Global Studies and Sustainability,” which basically solidified how all these global issues are intertwined. It also taught me how to analyze them critically – pretty cool, right? Being a “Global Citizen and Networker” has been awesome. I’m learning how important it is to collaborate and communicate with people from all over the world. Plus, I get to build connections with classmates and maybe even network with some sustainability professionals! The “Global Studies Research Project” is where I get to shine! I get to pick a specific global issue I care about and research the heck out of it. It’s my chance to deep dive and make a real impact. Ready for something creative? “Global Creative Practices” is all about expressing ideas and solutions for global issues in innovative ways. Think outside the box, unleash your creativity – it’s about making a lasting impact! And finally, “Global Environmental Issues and Emerging Trends” keeps me on top of my game. I get to learn about the latest environmental challenges and how to navigate this ever-changing landscape. The Final Word Being a GSSE first-year student is more than just classes. It’s a journey that’s transformed me. I’ve built a strong foundation in sustainability, developed critical thinking and communication skills, and become part of a vibrant community of changemakers. It’s challenging, inspiring, and honestly, an unforgettable experience.