September 25, 2019

What are the SDGs Good For ?

The year 2019 marks the end of the first cycle of the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. Recent SDG Progress report shows that despite progress in a number of areas over the past four years, on some of the Goals, the progress has been slow or even reversed. The most vulnerable people and countries continue to suffer the most and the global response has not been ambitious enough. Does this mean that the SDGs are ineffective?

Increasingly, there are whispers of discontent about the SDGs as a meaningful set of indicators and as a framework for producing change. Moreover, there is considerable concern about the lack of data on the majority of the sub-indicators. In this context, a panel of experts and practitioners will critically examine the meaningfulness and impact of the SDGs. They will explore the development of the SDGs and their intended impact, examine the current status of progress in the region, and how institutions, including from the private sector, use the SDGs as a framework for driving change.


1. Dayyan Shayani, Statistics Division, UNESCAPDayyan will share the findings of the latest SDG Progress Report of the Asia and the Pacific Region. He will shed light on the measurement and data collection process and challenges.

2. Nicola Crosta, Founder and CEO of Impact46 Nicola will reflect on his experience working on the formation of SDGs during his time working at the UN in New York and will discuss their relevance despite the absence of supporting data demonstrating progress.



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