Work-study highlight of September 2022 – T Nang Seng Myat from cohort 9

T Nang Seng Myat, our first-year student from Myanmar, was excited to know that as a full-scholarship student she can also join this ‘work-study’ program.

The work-study program at SGS allows our students of every level and year to do compensated work of up to 20 hours per month, while they’re studying in the program. It is a good platform for students to experiment with real tasks and develop their professional capabilities under direct supervision of the lecturers and our experienced officers in the areas that they like.

In this academic year we have opened many work-study positions. Students can now work as, for example, a research assistant (to a professor), a public relations assistant, a project coordinator, and more. For this month, let’s hear from T Nang Seng Myat about her work-study experiences.

“Studying at Thammasat University as an international student is an adventure. I have this opportunity to build a foundation of skills through the School of Global Studies WorkStudy Program. Currently, I am performing a role as a teaching assistant. With clear guidance and knowledge, Professor Stéphane leads us on the path of achieving a particular goal of the project. We are aiming to provide students at the School of Global Studies an efficient direction towards ‘better learning’. I am motivated to study more about everything relating to this project goal. 
The WorkStudy Program gives me the challenge to think outside the box. I enjoy starting from the point ‘unlearn’ to learn new things from this workstudy program. Cooperating with a senior helps me collaborate on tasks effectively. This workstudy program proves that even as a student, we can start helping our nearest community simply by taking a step to reach out or help. We build and contribute with what we are learning.”



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